Maintenance Therapy of Asthma in Children

Maintenance Therapy of Asthma in Children

Amir Rezaei, MD; Pediatric Pulmonologist and Intensivist

Assistant Professor, Alborz University of Medical Sciences, Karaj, Iran



Successful management of asthma in children requires an understanding of the disease and its specific treatments together education of the child and the family to deal with this long-term illness. This presentation aims to discuss successful control of asthma in children through relieving the inflammation in the airway and treating the bronchoconstriction.

Materials and Methods: The recently published updated GINA strategy for asthma management and prevention was used in this regard.

Findings: It is recommended to classify the asthma based on the level of symptom control as controlled, partly controlled and uncontrolled. The goal of treatment is to achieve and maintain control of asthma symptoms together with normal activity levels and lung function.

Conclusion: Goals of asthma management is best achieved when the approach is based on the control of symptoms and minimizing the risks.

Keywords: Asthma, Management, Symptom Control, GINA